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Jewelry that tells your story

Jewelry that tells your story

Susan Henderson hand stamped layering jewellery layering jewelry personalized

Suetables' first necklace was conceived and hand stamped to celebrate Sue's story: the simple wish to keep her boys close to her heart at all times.  

Fast forward to 2019 and our story has shifted to our customers' stories and how they want to wear and layer our charms to celebrate their life, their aspirations, their family and their loved ones.

What story will your jewelry tell? Here are a few ideas to celebrate what you love with layers.

Keep it delicate:
The layering look definitely celebrates delicate necklaces. Two or three create the perfect effortless, minimal look.
Shortest necklace: Stella Star necklace: 16.5" extends to 17.5"
Jamieson Number Loved ones often enjoy wearing their lucky sports numbers around their neck. They can also be worn as a symbol of support or to mark & remember a special birthday. Shown on a 20" Figaro Chain.
Longest necklace (barely seen): Stella Long Necklace 30"

Keep it meaningful (below)

Celebrate what is important with your layers.

- Shortest necklace:  Estelle birthstone (April)  with a 14" curb chain.

- Medium necklace:  Shirley horoscope (cancer) - available in 10K gold or sterling silver. Shown with a 

16" curb chain.

- Longest necklace: Brianna charm. This one has an evil eye to protect you from harm. Shown with a 20" thick curb chain.


Celebrate you (Below available in both 10K gold & sterling silver)

- Shortest necklace:  Shirley Zodiac with a 14" Tia choker.

- Middle necklace: Shirley Zodiac with 16" 10K gold chain.

- Longest necklace: Vanessa with 20" 10K gold chain.


Celebrate family (below)

Shortest necklace: Shirley horoscope on 14" thick 10K gold chain 

Medium necklace: Avery Coin on a Camille Chain

Longest necklace: Vanessa Horoscope on a 20"Figaro gold chain.

Pretty & personal (below)

Shortest necklace: Vanessa Horoscope on a 16" thick curb 10K gold chain.

Medium necklace: Michaela Diamond letters  20" thick 10K gold chain 

Medium necklace: Avery Coin on a 24" gold chain.


Our story began to fill a creative outlet, support community through a history of giving back, to celebrate family and soal goals. Sue's basement business is now three stores an an online business - selling jewelry that tells a story. Visit us online or shop at one of our three Canadian locations. We are ready to help you tell your story.  


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