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Honouring life with jewelry

Honouring life with jewelry

Susan Henderson hand stamped modern crafted jewelry personalized personalized jeweley

We get so many special requests to celebrate someone that has passed. Jewelry is such a personal way to keep someone close. Here are some of our favorite stories/designs that remain close to our hearts:

- A client's best friend, Geoff, passed away tragically a year ago. For his wife's birthday, the client came up with a wonderful & unique idea to celebrate this special man. They took a recording of Geoff’s laugh from a video and got an audio engineer to create the audio wave of it. It looks like this:

We love that this "heart-beat like" image actually represented his laugh and that they wanted to find a way preserve and remember visually on jewelry. We worked with our master engraver, David Davidse, and created this unique hand engraved design on our Suetables Lexi pendant. 

2) My nephew was born exactly three years after my own father died - 25 years ago at age 53. My sister & her husband named him Mark - after my father. The year my nephew was born, I looked into his sweet eyes and I vowed to celebrate only my nephews birthday, my father's namesake, and not focus on my father's death and dying in July. So, I was only too thrilled when my nephew decided that instead of wearing his paternal family's crest on a signet ring (usually tradition), he asked his mother if he could wear his namesake's Henderson family crest ring. We made this custom pinky ring for him in sterling silver. David Davidse, hand engraved this on it with such beauty and precision. Yes, by hand. 

To achieve this look, he looked at the family ring I owned from my father and updated it. 

In a world of machines and mass production, we are so happy to work with a local craftsman, David Davidse, who engraves with a special tool called a 'burin'.

His full-time job is a niche hand engraving instruments, mostly bagpipes for clients around the world including Japan, Argentina, China and France. And, now he also works with Suetables on special projects engraving jewelry.

Do you have a loved one that has a unique writing script or signature? David is also able to engrave any unique script or image into one of our pieces.

The burin, which he uses for engraving, is a tool with a metal shaft that is cut or ground diagonally downward to form a diamond-shaped point at the tip - perfect for making an impression on metal. There are only a hand full this skilled in North America.


3) A client came to me with a quote that says: "A mountain holds all the echo deep inside itself. That's how I hold your voice." We engraved it in a teeny tiny script on a Jack 12mm ring. What a lovely way to remember her mother. 

Poetry jewelry is such a subtle and pretty way to give someone or yourself a special message.

4) A special client comes in every month to add to her bracelet stack. She is always soft-spoken, kind and gentle with our staff.  One day, I asked her why she came in so regularly. She told me that she had an invasive & aggressive cancer. She marked the completion of each chemotherapy session with a gift to herself of an additional bracelet for her "arm party". Last time she was in, she shared with me that there would be no more chemo.

The cancer had grown too big.

We gifted her a tiny protection stone (labradorite - an anti stress stone). The girls and I shed a tear when she left. 

4) A client was buying a birthday gift for her late husband's twin sister. They would have both been 50. She gifted her a bracelet with both twins initials on love letter charms connected with an angel wing. We loved this connection to her twin that had passed and the sentiment of him as an angel now to watch over her, symbolized on her bracelet with a charm.

5) Andie, our Marketing and Merchandising Manager,  wears a St. Christopher's charm around her neck. Usually, St. Christopher is known as the protection saint particularly during travel. Andie wears it for another reason.

Her mother lost a child, Andie' brother, and many members of her family wear Saint Christopher to celebrate, little Christopher to remember he was here, he does matter and he lives on as their little angel.


We feel blessed that you trust us with your occasions, special words and gifts. We don't take it lightly and your thoughtful sentiments often help us feel connected to the wider world and remind us that small things do make a difference.


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