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Hoops, Studs Or Drop? A Guide To Choosing Earrings

Hoops, Studs Or Drop? A Guide To Choosing Earrings

Susan Henderson

If gifting a pair of earrings or buying a pair for yourself (for everyday wear or a special occasion), it is important to select the right pair. If you’re having difficulty deciding what kind of earrings are appropriate, here are a few tips to help you out.


Stud earings of any kind are simple, classic and it’s hard to go wrong. To update your look, try mismatching your earring like these XO studs or wear a pair the fun balancing bars. Understated but they add a bit of edge to your look without spending much money.

Diamond or cubic zirconium studs are a great way to add dress up a casual jeans-and-a-top ensemble, but will also give an understated elegance to any cocktail dress. They are also perfect for traveling so you don't lose your real diamond studs...and they look like real diamonds! They are also sterling silver or 14K rose gold dipped so there will be no allergy issues if you are prone to it.

Looking for the "you can't go wrong" gift? Try a pair of sterling silver classic ball studs in silver or rose gold. Everyone loves them. These are not costume jewelry but high-quality 925 sterling silver or dipped in 14K rose gold.

Making a Statement

If you feel like the simplicity of diamond studs is too commonplace, pave-set studs are slightly more eye-catching and are definitely a strong contender if you’re looking for a great evening wear accessory.


Hoops are flattering to most people, and can flatter longer faces or faces with harsh jawlines. Hoops come in many styles and sizes, and it is usually best to buy something a little understated. Large hoops or earrings in general can be both cumbersome and tacky.

Avoid any very thick hoops as these can be heavy and uncomfortable and make your pierced ears droop over time. 


Drops (or 'dangle') earrings are a far more diverse category than hoops or studs, and can cover anything from classic to quirky. If you want to stick to a classic, elegant design, a small pair of crystal drop earrings with the stones resting just below the earlobe are perfect for any occasion and make a beautiful gift.

Dangle earrings are a touch more feminine than studs, and complement a round or heart-shaped face perfectly. It’s important that you choose a pair of dangles which will actually dangle - don’t wear anything which is long enough to brush your shoulders, and it will lose its hang.


Threader, or pull through earrings seems to be popping up everywhere from Vogue to Net-a-porter. With modern style and feminine charm, these wearings can be pulled through your ear to create different lengths and looks. For younger or more boho look, these are super cute.

Create many different looks with a selection of beautiful sterling silver ear threads.


Ear crawlers are a fun style that create the look of multiple piercings with nearly an inch of AAA grade cubic zirconia crystals. Celebrities have been showing up on red carpets wearing these ear climbers and causing quite the stir on social media.

Half traditional earring stud, half ear cuff and all cool.

Climber earrings are all the rage and have been seen on celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and Cara Delevingne. Our simple and stunning version, priced at an affordable $35, feature gold plated sterling silver and round high quality cubic zirconia stones. These earrings are a wonderful choice for teenagers or anyone else who is always up on Hollywood’s hottest trends.

Rules to Follow

In general, no matter what kind of earring you are looking for, you should remember these important rules of thumb:

  • Classic styles are classic for a reason. Sometimes simple works best - particularly if you like to layer necklaces. While studs may seem a bit boring, they a fun and edgy pair can update your look in a subtle but nice way. Generally, studs are simple and easy to wear. Less is more.
  • Balance quality and price. Sterling silver is an ideal material for earrings and pairs well with cubic zirconia to keep the price down while purchasing quality earrings.
  • Big can be gaudy. Large hoops, studs and dangles often look over the top, so be careful when picking a size. And don't pair big earrings with a necklace. Generally, wear studs if you are going to wear a necklace, particularly a layered necklace look as pictured here.
  •  The right pair of earrings can make an outfit. If in doubt, ask a sales assistant.
Happy shopping!

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