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How to: Layer Necklaces

How to: Layer Necklaces

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Maybe it’s the cynic in me, but I have always been leary of “fashion rules." Fashion is meant to be fun and to provide a place for freedom of expression and creativity. There are no hard rules to layering jewelry - ignore anyone who says there are! However, since I obsess over dozens of fashion blogs, magazines and jewelry trends, I do, of course, have an opinion. Here are some guidelines to create the popular layered necklaces look:
Keep it delicate:
The layering look definitely celebrates delicate necklaces. Two or three create the perfect effortless, minimal look.
Great to wear everyday with your favourite special pieces. 
(photo: Babyanything Jewelry)
(Source: a box for my treasure)
(Source: Made by Mary)
Layer by length:
Select three different length necklaces. That way, each necklace lays neatly and you can appreciate the detail of each one (note: many necklaces have extendors making this super easy). Layering a 14" (choker), a 16" and a 18" or 20" is perfect.
The are less likely to tangle when they are sitting at difference lengths.
(TIP: follow the look of more delicate necklaces on the top and chunkier on the bottom.)
by Suetables)
(Source: Elle Ferguson)
Lariats, also called Y necklaces are the best way to subtly add length to your layers. Lariats stay in synch with your neckline while adding length.
(Fun to drop inside a low neckline)
(Source: Amannequin)
(photo by: Song of Style)
(Source: @emrata)
Mix up your shapes:
Geometrics are all the rage - triangles, rectangles, circles, shields. It is appealing to the eye to have different shapes on each layer. It makes each one stand out. Nameplate bars are perfect for this look!
(Source: Made by Mary)
A statement choker:
Add a little edge to your look with a statement choker & layer delicate necklaces underneath (a black suede choker or a coin choker are sure to stand out). 
Bandanas are a fun and effortless way to achieve this look - especially at a music festival! (See Gigi Hadid's look below)
(Source: Gal Gadot for Tiffany)
(Kendall Jenner spotted in the Daily Mail UK)
(Source: Forever 21)
(Gigi Hadid via

Work your neckline
Really make your jewelry part of your outfit by layering them with your neckline of your top. If it is really low wear long necklaces - it's subtle and sexy. (Lariats are perfect for this look too). (If your neckline is high you can layer up on chokers!) 
(Photo credit: Rocky Barnes)
(Photo Source: The hunt)
(Source: Tiffany)
Layer on chokers
Stack them on top of each other. Perfect for high necklines or off the shoulder tops! A lot of people think you can only wear one! Chokers are fun to layer because most of them come with an extender which allows you to adjust the length. 
(Source: We Heart it)
(Source: Jewelry Clique)
(Source: Satara Moonlight Boutique)
Go big or go home:
You don't have to stop at 2 or 3 necklaces. Layer on all your favourites and make a statement.
(Rocky Barnes is a necklace layering guru.)
(Source: Rocky Barnes)
(Source: Hailey Baldwin for Tiffany)
Complimentary - not matching chains:
Complement the first necklace with a chain of a different texture and/or thickness. There are so many different styles of chains available - ball, popcorn, curb, figaro, the list goes on and on. Why chose one? Keep things interesting and add textures with different style chains on every layer.
(You can even mix between gold and silver chains; a gold pendant on a silver chain and vice versa is so fun!)
(Source: Catbird NYC)
(Source: Tiffany)
Stay in Unison: 
If you like things just so and that little OCD voice in your head like things in order - then this is for you! Friends with friends. Keep your layers simple and matching with similar necklaces. The same shapes, colours and neckline.
(Source: Bluboho)
(Source: Made by Mary)
The minimalist:
 No pendant needed. Stick to just the chain.
A simple, understated yet edgy look. 
(Source: Etsy)
Mix your metals:
Times have changed - you no longer have to stick to one metal. We are loving the silver and gold love affair. (Rose gold is currently at the top of our list). 
We recently gifted necklaces to stylist Erica Wark and she requested a mix of both yellow gold and rose gold. 
The boho look:
Layer on beaded chains, gemstones, body chains and leather chokers. They give an indie - California - desert gypsy - Coachella vibe that is unforgettable. The more the merrier for this look.
(Source: Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup)
(Source: Tobi)
Make each layer meaningful: 
Handstamped pieces on every layer.
Personal trumps fashion every time: If you have a necklace with meaning that you won’t take off i.e. your milestone anniversary diamond, the ring around a chain that belonged to someone that passed, your children’s birthstones or love letters, all rules are off. Wear that and add to it - meaning trumps fashion every time. There is nothing like a necklace with a story - worn close to your heart. 
(Source: Made by Mary)
(Source: Made by Mary
Layer on good luck:
Evil eyes, horseshoes, crescent moons, gemstones, triangles, hamsas, wishbones. We'll take all the good vibes we can get! Layer on your favourite symbols to give you good luck all day long. 
(Source: Pinterest)
(Source: The Hunt)
(Source: Bluboho)
Long Layers: 
Forget the short necklaces. Layered long necklaces are a classic, upscale look. They work for both a casual outfit with a cardigan or a special occasion. 
Fake it: 
 Create the illusion of layered necklaces by doubling up a long necklace. This is the perfect trip for travelling when you are limited to what you have with you. Wrap any long necklace around your neck twice - leaving the top layer tight makes it look like you have a choker on as well! 
(Source: GLDN)
(Source: Tiffany)
Old & New
You don't have to buy all new items to get your layering game started. Break out old pieces, heirlooms, gifts from your childhood and layer them together. They may start having a whole new look when they aren't solo. Mix in newer items to stay on trend; like a velvet choker or a sparkly lariat.
(Source: Elle Ferguson)
Happy layering & happy shopping!

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