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Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Susan Henderson

Last year, we purchased a beautiful Richard Johnson photograph of a Canadian red ice hut for our home. The artist explained that each photo was a limited edition, for example: 1/25, 1/50, 1/100 etc.

It was a big selling point for me, knowing I would not see my painting everywhere. All our original jewelry designs also have limited editions; although, until now, it has never occurred to me to share this fact with you. I assumed this made Suetables feel too small.

Big is better, no?

Well, I have a secret for you: all our original designs have small runs.

One of our new favourites, the hidden-message Scotty pendant is produced only 60 times. This is the benefit of shopping with a small company: you get something original, special and unique.

So much time, passion, air miles, care and heart goes into each design.

For Suetables fall/winter 2015 we wanted: wearable words, protection gemstones and a line that communicates memories, messages and moments. This line is truly a process of collaboration of creative juices and, of course, lots of coffee in our home studio. We doodle, search the web for ideas and draw shapes and designs. We are brutal in narrowing down our ideas - only a select number of ideas get made. The next step is very detailed computer renderings (years of skipping this step has taught us that nothing replaces this detail! Then, the designs are moulded (and often remoulded) — both abroad in Thailand, Mexico and the US and now, locally in Toronto as well.

After a sample is approved, we order a limited run that is hand finished one at a time. And then we wait, usually 4-6 weeks! We are like children waiting for Christmas morning. Then, the brown boxes slowly arrive, sealed in mounds of tape, and filled with jewelry.

While we wait, we hire a photographer to shoot the jewelry. This is always so much fun - finding a model, outfits and how to mix and match our designs. This year, we asked actress Rachel Skarsten to work with us again. She embodies who we are as a brand - kind, soulful, fun, passionate, lives her life with intent and 'in this' for all the right reasons. We worked with cinematographer (video to follow) and photographer James Arthurs and art director Agata Piskunowicz whose work perfectly reflected what we wanted:
Nothing forced or too commercial.

Then we program the web site ourselves (psst - we are the designers, programmers and marketers!)

You select words that speak to you. We hand stamp each piece one letter/number at a time. And the words you choose give us such joy. Each piece is so different and you should expect variations in our hand stamping. This makes our jewelry uniquely yours and gives it character. Due to hand stamping and the hand finishing process, no two pieces will be alike. Each is unique and a one-of- a-kind limited edition.

Once posted, the orders begin! We hope they don't sell out too fast...and that we ordered enough. After all this is art, not science. To see our new designs in person in Toronto, come visit us at 3 McPherson in Rosedale from October 16 to January 15th or email us to find a rep in your area or shop online now!

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What People Are Saying About Us

"My fabulous Suetables just arrived! I am in love with this line of jewelry! the designs are insane and the positive quotes within them give them unexpexted depth and meaning!"

Nicole Sassaman

Nicole Sassaman
Beverly Hills - Author, television host

"I'm in love with my @suetables necklace...haven't taken it off since I bought it. Thank you!"

Monika Schnarre

Monika Schnarre
Los Angeles - Model, actress, and television host

"I’ve been a fan of Suetables for quite a while now…"

Enuka Okuma

Enuka Okuma
Actress (Caught, Rookie Blue, Madison)

"Just wanted to say that we LOVED our bracelets! I will get pictures this weekend of us wearing them. Thanks again so much for supporting our team this way!"

Cheryl L. Bernard

Cheryl L. Bernard
Canadian Olympian – Curling

"Love being the face of a line I genuinely love. Yay @Suetables"         

Rachel Skarsten

Rachel Skarsten
Actress (Reign, Lost Girl, 50 Shades of Grey)

"Such lovely pieces! I love em:) Thanks so much"

Lauren Lee Smith

Lauren Lee Smith
Actress (Frankie Drake, Mutant X, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation)