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Susan Henderson

A woman's fashion personality reflects who she is. Most of us lean toward one particular type of fashion personality, although we may sometimes wear different styles that are closely related to another. I can swing between casual urban boho to elegant chic. What's your fashion personality? Do you view yourself as having a classic, romantic, trendy, or casual style?

Check out the styles of a few of our Suetables reps/staff:

Leslie - Suetables Design Associate - CLASSIC SOPHISTICATION

While Leslie follows decor and fashion trends, Leslie tends to wear classic fitted designs. When not in sporty gear and running races or training for an Ironman, Leslie wears timeless fashion. Think Audrey Hepburn wearing her little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's - that's classic fashion. Women who have a classic fashion personality love timeless fashion designs- tailored trousers; fitted jackets; sleek pumps. Because classic style stands the test of time well, the classic fashion personality type is often able to wear her clothing and fashion accessories for years.

Leslie’s Suetables’ sterling silver bracelets:,
Leslie’s long Shelley necklace is wrapped twice around her neck:
Leslie's stackable rings:

Paula - Suetables Design & Sales Rep - Kanata, Ontario ROMANTIC CASUAL FASHION

Comfy, pretty and laid back is the mantra of the woman with a casual romantic fashion personality. She wants to live her life free of the restrictions of fashion, so she avoids high heels and anything too uncomfortable or tight. This woman will never be at the mercy of fashion but always looks good. Tottering around on six-inch stilettos is definitely not her idea of fun; cool sneakers and jeans, a beautiful floral summer dress and flip flops topped with pretty meaningful jewelry are much more her style.

Paula is wearing:
Yasmine ball bracelet:
Kathryn love letter charm necklace:
Daphne stud earrings white:

Pamela - Suetables Design & Sales Rep, Richmond Hill - CASUAL COOL

Pamela's style is casual cool and she has a strong and fun personality to match. Pamela always looks great but not in the "I'm -trying-hard" kind of way.

Casual Cool trend setters love the latest fashion designs in both clothing and accessories. Pamela is not afraid to wear our edgy Alexander McQueen inspired leather wrap (Michelle Wrap) and high boots to go out with her family. She knows how to 'work it' in a subtle and cool way.

Pamela’s arm candy:,
Pamela’s rings: and
Pamela’s necklace

Sue - Suetables Owner + Designer - URBAN CHIC

I can lean easily to the Boho-chic - think 2004-5 Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. The Olsen twins also embraced this bohemian/hippie style. However, my Montreal upbringing gave me an injection of casual elegance as Montreal woman know how to dress up and look chic. So, I can swing between these two looks.

I also love layering. I love the interaction of separate pieces coming together to create a unified outfit. I am most happy when I have at least three tops on (basic, top, outer). I like to layer soft and textured fabrics, accessorize with scarfs, sunglasses, handbags, boots and, of course, jewelry to finish off the outfit. Layering doesn't just work for outfits, it works for jewelry too.

Sue's necklace: tell your story necklace and in other shot - Large Megan

Sue's bracelets Gilda bracelet:

Five Erin stackables with her Michael Kors rose gold watch including:

Sue's Ring: Ritu ring

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