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Sue's Top 10 (ok 11) Tips for Layering Necklaces

Sue's Top 10 (ok 11) Tips for Layering Necklaces

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Maybe it’s the cynic in me, but I have always been leery of “fashion rules." Fashion is meant to be fun and to provide a place for freedom of expression and creativity. There are no hard rules to layering jewelry - ignore anyone who says there are! However, since I obsess over dozens of fashion blogs, magazines and jewelry trends, I do, of course, have an opinion. Here are some guidelines to create the popular layered necklaces look:

1 - Delicate necklaces rule: The layered look mostly celebrates more delicate necklaces. When in doubt, opt for more delicate layers - two or three delicate necklaces is so pretty. (Shown below: Christy Elephant, River Rocks Necklaces and Shelly in 18".)

2 - Wear with small earrings: If you layer your necklaces, keep your ears more subtle with studs or short drops/hoops.

3 - Complimentary - not matching - chains: Complement the first necklace with a chain of a different texture and/or thickness. Our Poppy petal necklace on a 14" curb choker chain layered with our Connie Connector circles looks so cute here.

4 - Mix up the lengths: If you are starting with a medium 18” chain, complement the necklace with a shorter 16” necklace or a longer one, 20” (or they will tangle). Take note: - If you are a fan of chokers (I am) adding one of those is easy, edgy, fun and youthful. You can do this with a black cord like our suede chokers  or a 14” choker sterling silver with or without a charm.

5 - Mix your metals: There are no “rules” in selecting silver, gold or rose gold. It is fun to mix and match your metals or combine all three - although it really comes down to your personal preference. Gone are the days of an allegiance to one metal (yes, really).  But, if you mix say, gold and silver, on your neck, it does looks nice when the mixed-metal look is reflected in other accessories i.e. your watch, with your rings, belt or shoe detail.

6 - Stay clear of short statement necklaces: If you opt for two necklaces around your neck, I usually don’t love two big statement necklaces -  less is more. Statement necklaces are meant to be a just that - a solo statement. The celebrity and fashion blogging culture, definitely favour two lighter/delicate looks for layered necklace when they are closer to your necklace i.e. 20” and shorter.

7 - Wear different shapes on each chain: You can either go with two different style necklaces (i.e. one with round charms and one with a rectangle) or complementary look (i.e. both have different circles or both necklaces have turquoise stones but different shapes as pictured here on actress Rachel Skarsten wearing our Talula Triangles and Talula Karma necklace and Katrina Lariat). Either way, it is pleasing to the eye to have either different textures or shapes on each necklace.

8 - Try a long chain: If you already own a short necklace (i.e. 16" or 18”) that you love to wear, another great option is to layer it with a really long 30” or 36” long chain with a heavier pendant like our Marianne or Elizabeth bar and/or with a lariat - sometimes called a Y necklace.

9 - Keep layering to a minimum on hands & arms: If you are layering on your neck, don’t layer up too much in other places - rings, arm candy or big earrings.  Again, less is generally more.

10 - Personal trumps fashion every time: If you have a necklace with meaning that you won’t take off i.e. your milestone anniversary diamond, the ring around a chain that belonged to someone that passed, your children’s birthstones or love letters, all rules are off. Wear that and add to it - meaning trumps fashion every time. There is nothing like a necklace with a story - worn close to your heart. 

11 - Try wrapping one necklace: Want to keep it simple? Opt for a 36" necklace like our Shelley (comes in three metals) and wrap it around your neck for the layered look - so pretty and versatile.

Love, create, shine

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