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The Difference Between Plated, Filled and Solid Gold

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The Difference Between Plated, Filled and Solid Gold

Most of us have heard the terms 'gold filled', 'gold plated' and 'solid gold' tossed around, but what do they mean? What are their benefits? How should you take care of our jewelry?  PURE GOLD  Let's start with pure gold. Gold is an element, like silver, or oxygen. When you hold a piece of gold, you're holding only gold atoms. Gold is known to be soft and malleable. Jewelry is often not made with pure gold, because it loses it's shape. If there are stones, they may fall out. 10k, 14k, 18k and 10k Gold Alternatively, jewellers make a gold alloy which...

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hoops studs

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hoops studs

As some of you may know, our new favourite 'candy' is ear candy. Our obsession started alongside fashion bloggers and, with so many cute studs in store, we didn't want to be limited to one pair a day. Our holiday ear piercing party at Suetables only fueled our collective fire! No matter what your style is, don't get stuck wearing the same studs everyday. Here's a little help on how to get the look! FAKE IT If you're not daring enough to take the piercing plunge (we promise it doesn't hurt), here are some products to help you get the ear candy look!...

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