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The Power Of Gratitude

The Power Of Gratitude

Susan Henderson

"Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have."

For a decade, people have advocated the power and pleasure of being grateful. I used to keep a journal - which included practicing gratitude - for many many years. Then I stopped.

Life got in the way.

My ‘power of positive thinking gurus’ - Oprah Winfrey, Eckthart Tolle, my books filled with quotes and my deceased father’s focus on the sunny side of life, got pushed aside.

My schedule overwhelmed me. I had less time to feel delight.

We recently moved into a beautiful, big, old home and I have been sorting through half a dozen boxes of photos, letters and journals filled with stories, thoughts and angst. Reading through them reminded me that the patterns in my life, continue to repeat themselves. I have expected more (too much?) from the people I love, I get disappointed easily, and sensitive - taking things personally. This creates a circle that alternates between frustration, self loathing and disappointment.

Oh to be more like Winnie the Pooh, who lives in the moment and feels the simplicity of joy - like a slight breeze on your face.

So, we have designed this made-in-Canada Jacqueline Gratitude bangle hand stamped with GRATEFUL on the inside edge as a whisper and reminder to focus on being grateful for all that you have in your life. I am wearing mine daily as my reminder. (There are also blank ones that fit up to 11 letters that you can customize.)

Here is what I am grateful for this week:

- A new house where we all have space and fabulous home studio for my business.
- My son - my baby - who is on the brink of being a teenager, but still sat close beside me to watch a movie.
- My man who talks to me for an hour every night before I fall asleep.
- My new assistant who has taken a weight of my shoulders and has organized my work life (charms are in alphabetical order!)
- My mother who delivered soup and a delicious dinner to us after a week of moving and lifting boxes ourselves.
- My sister in law (to be) who showed up yesterday and made grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids while I was trying to work.
- Having the stamina and health to keep going at this pace.

As Oprah says, “appreciating what shows up in your life changes your personal vibration. Gratitude elevates your life to a higher frequency. You will radiate and generate more goodness when you bring your attention to what you have, and stop focusing on what you don't, because what you focus on expands.”

If you count your blessings and think of all the reasons you have to feel grateful, then you will be reminded on how generous life really is.

In gratitude,


Click here to shop for our new Jacqueline Gratitude bangles:

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"My fabulous Suetables just arrived! I am in love with this line of jewelry! the designs are insane and the positive quotes within them give them unexpexted depth and meaning!"

Nicole Sassaman

Nicole Sassaman
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Monika Schnarre
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Enuka Okuma
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Cheryl L. Bernard
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"Love being the face of a line I genuinely love. Yay @Suetables"         

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Rachel Skarsten
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"Such lovely pieces! I love em:) Thanks so much"

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Lauren Lee Smith
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