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You Are Loved

You Are Loved

Susan Henderson

Recently, I felt an urge to give away an Erin Links bracelet letter pressed with LOVED. I decided to ask people to share who they would give it to if they won.

I was stunned.

People truly paused to really think about who in their life needed a bit more love and, more importantly, who might most need to hear it.

As I read those comments and some very personal email stories, I kept wondering what might happen if every person who left a comment (or thought of leaving one) shared their words with the person they love.

What would happen if you shared your love with someone who needs it most today?

I dare you to tell them.


Here are some of the public responses to our LOVED contest:

- My beautiful girlfriend Andrea, a wife and mother of 4 (ages 6-12) was dealt a hard blow last year when her husband was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma. She was the glue that held her family together and battled by her husbands side. He is in remission, for now. But as life can deal some hard blows, less than a year later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Just when things were looking up for her husband, she went in for a routine mammogram. She has since gone through chemo, radiation and the removal of one breast. I am simply amazed by her strength and out look on life. I would go to visit her with the idea that I would cheer her up, when in reality, I would leave our visits and realize, it was she that picked me up. It is the small gestures in life that have the greatest impact. She truly is an inspiration. I want her to know that she is LOVED.

- I'd like to nominate my Mom for the winner of the bracelet, she is LOVED and shares her LOVE with all of the people around us. She's had a rough time when we lost our father to cancer, but stayed strong during his illness and cared for him and after his loss she still remained strong for her 3 kids. I know it has been a tough and long battle being single now, but she remains strong, just for her kids. She's a wonderful mother, grandmother, friend and is LOVED by many. She deserves a little extra love for sure!

- My BFF ... just because she is ... by so many ... and yet somehow, she doesn't believe it. I guess dealing with multiple blows will do that. It would serve as a simple reminder for her that she is indeed LOVED.

- My DDIL(dear daughter-in-law) Sandra Billingsley has been an absolute Godsend! My mother taught us to do everything for ourselves. As a result, my body has had some wear. I've had numerous surgeries. During my recoveries, once over 500 miles from her home and job, she came for two weeks, using her leave time, to take care of me. She has bathed me, helped me walk, done the laundry and everything else. Sandra is an angel and IS loved! She likes silver and this bracelet would look great on her and remind her, she is loved.

- My daughter, Emily...simply...because I love her and she is a hard working deputy with two babies and one on the way.

And here is what the winner had to say:

"Both my husband and I have endured devastating cancer diagnoses and treatments and it has been such a tax on our large growing family. We have four kids and life does not slow down or stop to accommodate a critical illness. Our friends and family played a significant role in pulling us through some really challenging times and with a couple of miracles along the way, we are blessed to both be in remission at this time.

During that troubling time, I was overwhelmed when I opened a beautifully wrapped gift from you because Judy remembered me and wanted to send a heartfelt message. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. The beautiful bracelet you’ve created with such a touching message will be cherished. My sincerest gratitude to both of you….The beautiful gift that I had the pleasure to open was a lovely silver bracelet with a decal saying that ‘I am loved’. It was truly heart-warming. Judy entered your contest and actually won. It was the first contest she had ever won and was thrilled with the whole experience. I’ve been meaning to send this note for some time, but we are just now beginning to put the pieces of our lives back together. It has been a long road of recovery – one we are still travelling. Your work is so beautiful. Thank you for brightening my life."

R. Raco, Toronto

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