Live by the Sun - gold filled - Suetables
Live by the Sun Necklace
Live by the Sun Necklace

Live by the Sun Necklace

‘Live by the sun and love by the moon’ is hand stamped on this stunning coin necklace.

Ages ago, according to mythology, it was believed that the sun was our intelligence, our guiding light. The moon was the female energy that flows within all of us.  It was said that the moon was actually responsible for our emotions, because different moon phases determine spiritual shifts of consciousness.

Wear this stunning coin as a reminder to shine - to pay closer attention to both the light (thus the bigger picture) and the moon phases - the ebb and flow of our emotions - to support you during hard times

- The design is hand stamped - making each one unique and one of a kind.

- gold filled pendant and chain

- Chain is included; gold filled. 18" extending up to 20" 

- Just over 1" round