Claire Elephant Bracelet* - Suetables
Claire Elephant Bracelet* - Suetables

Claire Elephant Bracelet*

There are so many reasons to love these bracelets! The sterling silver bead of two elephants together is absolutely adorable (it's one of our newest bestsellers!) So wear it, give it, love it, and get ready for all the good luck it sends your way. 

Howlite - (white marble) is a super-calming stone and many people use it to relieve stress of all kinds. It is an excellent antidote to insomnia due to an overactive mind.

Grey (dark) Moonstone- brings hope, enhances feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition, and psychic abilities. It is also said to bring strong energies of abundance to one's life. It is a stone of calm and provides relief from emotional stress.

Fits a small and medium wrist.

These bracelets will not be restocked!