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Pia Poetry Single - Suetables

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Pia Poetry Single

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The circle is the universal symbol for unity, wholeness and completeness. 

Personalize our Pia with a special quote to connect you to your truth or soul goals or chose this quote featured here. A special quote can keep part of you close to your heart to remind it why it beats, and the other for all to see. The power of words is what fuels this line of quotes and poetry.

It says: Family forever, always no matter what

This work is about a process of mystery and discovery as engraved words are purposely not immediately evident, and many times magnification is necessary to decipher what the poetry or quotes say.

-Select this quote, or choose your own.

- Allow for a few weeks for your own quote (and a bit more time for gold dipped)  Please place it in special instructions.

- Fits up to 54 letters max. Add $15 for your own quote.

- The circle of life pendant measures 1 1/4" round. (It is larger than our Megan circle but smaller than our Large Megan.)

Chains are extra:

Sterling silver
14": $26 (choker)
16": $32 small
18": $35 medium
20":$40 large
24": $45 XL
30": $50 Long

 Gold filled

16" gold filled chains: $18
18" gold filled chains: $20
20" gold filled chain: $22

30" gold filled ball: $30

Testimonial: "Give celeb-endorsed custom jewellery (that won't break the bank). Uptown studio Suetables hand stamps letters and the stuff has been worn by celebs like Coco Rocha and actor Rachel Skarsten. Brides can give their maids stylish triangle pendants or stackable rings stamped with initials or names, and for longer messages, the Pia Poetry can hold up to 54 cursive letters." -

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What People Are Saying About Us

"My fabulous Suetables just arrived! I am in love with this line of jewelry! The designs are insane and the positive quotes within them give them unexpexted depth and meaning!"

Nicole Sassaman

Nicole Sassaman
Beverly Hills - Author, television host

"I'm in love with my @suetables necklace...haven't taken it off since I bought it. Thank you!"

Monika Schnarre

Monika Schnarre
Los Angeles - Model, actress, and television host

"I’ve been a fan of Suetables for quite a while now…"

Enuka Okuma

Enuka Okuma
Actress (Caught, Rookie Blue, Madison)

"Just wanted to say that we LOVED our bracelets! I will get pictures this weekend of us wearing them. Thanks again so much for supporting our team this way!"

Cheryl L. Bernard

Cheryl L. Bernard
Canadian Olympian – Curling

"Love being the face of a line I genuinely love. Yay @Suetables"         

Rachel Skarsten

Rachel Skarsten
Actress (Reign, Lost Girl, 50 Shades of Grey)

"Such lovely pieces! I love em:) Thanks so much"

Lauren Lee Smith

Lauren Lee Smith
Actress (Frankie Drake, Mutant X, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation)