At Suetables, we are passionate about the metals we use and the collections we curate.

We value consumer-brand transparency. Contact us at for any questions about materials or jewelry care.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver / 925 is durable and requires minimal care. However, it may darken with exposure to light or chemicals (do not expose to chemicals in pools or hot tubs) but can be polished back to new. Kindly note sterling silver is a metal that will mark up over time on its exposed flat surfaces. Check out our jewelry cleaners here

Solid Gold

Our current lines feature 10k and 14k gold. They are metals that can last a lifetime. It is important to keep in mind that many of our gold chains are delicate and are not made for rough wear.


Gold-filled is similar to gold plating in containing a different base metal. However, the gold is melted/bonded onto the base mechanically for the filled process and requires 5% gold by weight. Thus, the gold coating is much thicker in gold-filled jewelry, improving quality and longevity. Although gold-filled will maintain its gold appearance for a long time, it is important to remember that it can tarnish after time.

Gold Vermeil

Gold Vermeil is a popular type of gold plating with sterling silver as the base metal. Vermeil has a much thicker layer of gold than regular gold plating, making it more hypoallergenic. However, it is important to know that with enough wear and tear is possible for the plating to wear. Thus, it is important not to expose gold vermeil to chemicals such as perfume or chlorine. Keep it out of the water to last much longer.


Warranty & Repairs
Products damaged or broken within 14 days of receiving your order are subject to a free replacement or full refund. All items must be returned in their original packaging with no signs of damage or wear. 
After 14 days, the repair cost is subject to an assessment per piece. 
Solid Gold
Our line features 10k and 14k gold. They are metals that can last a lifetime if cared for properly. It is important to keep in mind that many of our gold chains are delicate and are not made for rough wear.
Up to 6 months post-purchase date,  Suetables covers the repair cost associated with any fine jewelry (10k-14k gold) defect occurring within 6 months of purchase.
This warranty covers the repair/replacement cost associated with any defect. We do not cover the repair if the product is damaged due to improper care*.
Any jewelry altered by anyone other than Suetables will no longer have a warranty. Repair times vary depending on the issue and can not be rushed.
 *Note: This warranty does not cover lost items or any issues that come from normal wear and tear, which includes broken chains, bent rings, improper storage, heat damage, bent metals, chemical reactions, drastic plating wear from improper use or care. This includes herringbone kinks and breakage. (Note: sleeping, swimming, showering or exercising with your jewelry on can result in damage. In these cases, we do not offer complimentary repairs).
Repair Service
Suetables offers a repair service for any piece outside our warranty policy. The repair cost is subject to assessment of the piece but begins at $25. Suetables holds the right to assess all repairs and quality control issues.
Restringing Service
Suetables offers a restringing service for most of our beaded bracelets up to 2 years from the purchase date. The restringing fee starts from $20. (This only applies if all beads are available.)