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Hand Stamping

Personalization and telling your story is what we are known for! Hand stamping is when we "stamp" each letter by hand with our steel stamps and hammer. It is meant to be perfectly, imperfect. As each letter is pressed by a person one at a time it will never be lined up perfectly. The process of hitting the stamp with a hammer causes the letter to be permanently imprinted into the jewelry, it will never fade. We offer hand stamping complimentary on our jewelry! 

Done on the spot in our stores (depending on staffing).

Laser Engraving

This process is done by a machine / laser at our head office apartment. The options are endless! You can chose a font of your choice. It is not a deep imprint like hand stamping, it is more of a surface impression. This is perfect for fitting a large amount of characters on a smaller piece. (More options, fonts, images and languages coming soon!) We charge extra depending on the number of characters. 

(Takes 2-3 weeks)

Balmoral Cursive Font

Old English Font 

Roman 2L Block Font 

Hand Calligraphy Engraving

 Hand engraving is done by one of our extremely talented calligraphers, Margaret Wong in Toronto and Vivien Wang in Vancouver. It is a very unique process as they draw by hand with a hand held welder (which looks like a pen). Shop Calligraphy.

(Takes 2-6 weeks). 

We only offer personalization services on items purchased at a Suetables store.