Ecommerce Operations Manager, Suetables

Suetables is a small and growing jewelry brand with four Canadian shops (soon to be five) and a web site that ships worldwide. It is powered by optimism, story telling, soulful content and a dedication to customer experience. 

Suetables is seeking a passionate team oriented leader with exceptional project management skills, a love of retail and keen attention to detail. We need someone in person and on site at our beautiful loft at Dupont and Lansdowne to manage the daily operations of the website, customer experience, inventory rotation, analytics and customer orders.

You will oversee and support online sales with fulfillment of online orders including overseeing our programmers or you have an ability to program some things Ie. loading of new banners yourself.  You will deliver digital transformation and hands-on customer experience innovation through all stages: planning, execution, assessment, and improvement.  We are looking for someone with 3+ years experience across e-commerce (retail experience a plus), project management and customer relationship management.  

You will ensure the publication of all content and the seamless, uninterrupted functionality of the site. This includes a seamless online customer journey and answer all customer service emails. Reporting to the owner of Suetables with a full-time Coordinator reporting to you, this role will work closely and collaboratively across all four shops (soon to be five) and staff to support the sustainability and growth of the Suetables e- Commerce website and also support the customer experience in stores where needed.  

This person will also do some jewelry replenishment working directly with the owner to ensure inventory needed is on hand.

Order Fulfillment & Shipping

• Overseeing the fulfillment of daily online orders across the office and each store location. 

• In conjunction with the stores' district manager, strategize and help oversee the calendar of online and in store 'events' and key periods ensuring the correct digital assets and banners are reflected online and delivered to the stores.

• Supporting store managers with online order fulfillment & inquiries

• Monitoring unfulfilled orders and flagging any issues

• Oversee and ensure completion of office orders (including printing orders, pulling product inventory, packaging, and shipping) 

• Managing relationships with shipping carriers and the primary shipping platform.

• Online sales -  including apps and functionality to increase sales and website function.

• Overseeing the ordering of custom special online and in-store orders.

• Finding new ways to improve shipping process, assisting with shipping and associated apps and costs.

Customer Service

• Managing, responding and overseeing customer emails (reviewing and responding to incoming inquiries). Flagging orders with changes where necessary for stores and e-commerce coordinator.

• Ensuring exemplary customer service by email and phone.

• Communicating with customers and special corporate orders regarding online orders and recommendations

 Website Management

Overseeing the website design and functionality; understanding and communicating the Suetables aesthetic and brand philosophy including working with marketing on banners and photos.

Researching and implementing new tools to improve website experience, for example a new returns portal

• Be the in-house leader for e-commerce by continually bringing forward recommendations for site improvements, staying abreast of e-commerce trends and ensuring we adapt as needed

Ongoing web maintenance, ie ensuring products are tagged properly and in proper collections and moved around to ensure optimal product exposure.

• Prepare website for sales and promotions with Brand Manager ie loading updated banners, updating collections and tagging relevant products

Creating new product collections, uploading banners and content; uploading products to Shopify. 

Setting up and launching online product promotions

• Utilizing Google Analytics and other reporting tools to track KPI’s and identify areas of opportunity

• Work at a monthly team meeting to identify and discuss the best inventory location and strategy to ensure the optimal sale of products ie identifying if something needs to go on sale or featured or re-marketed both online and in stores. 

• Assisting with online product photography, photo shoots and digital assets as needed

• Manage and identify apps that can be implemented to improve site usability

• Manage relationship with third-party developer

Inventory Rotation

• Reviewing office (and store) inventory levels and requesting product transfers across stores in Asana - this includes reviewing reports and recommending products to put on sale.

• Creating Shopify transfers when moving inventory from store to store. NOTE: distributing inventory to locations involves doing this from informed reports within Shopify so stores get what they need and what they sell.

• Loading new inventory & distributing to stores

• Reviewing ABC Reports in Shopify to monitor product performance and identify opportunities to improve product sales


• We are a small collaborative office loft. As such - assisting with retail calendar, brainstorms for products, marketing strategy for online email campaigns, product sales, product ideas and more.


  • Three plus years experience in e-Commerce, project management, customer service relationship management.
  • Detail oriented
  • Time management skills

 A passion for learning and proficiency in industry tools and processes to stay current with digital creation innovations and standards

  • Knowledge of Shopify 
  • Google Analytic certified